Thursday 22 November 2012

Hitmen Edge Hurricanes

  Garbage goals aplenty for the Hitmen on Wednesday night. But when Rimjob faces almost 50 shots he is bound to let in a few. First goal Rissling bounced it off a defender Rimjob had no chance. 2nd goal was probably one of the most embarassing that Rimmer let in. Alex Roach let off a horrible slap shot just inside the blue line and it trickled past Rimmer. So slowly in fact he actually got to turn around and watch it go in the net on him like a slow motion video replay. Then when the game was tied at 2 with less than 30 seconds left Jake Virtanen scored from an awkward angle to net the winner.
  As for the Hurricanes. You ever wondered why they are called the Hurricanes? Sure it is windy in Lethbridge but they can not get a hurricane there. Sort of like Medicine Hat calling themselves the Tigers when there are no tigers there as  they have no zoo. Also Kelowna Rockets as I do not believe that Kelowna has a space program. Anyway.
  Lethbridge as boring as the roster may appear and in seasons before watching them are actually a very entertaining team to watch. Also not this year but next year and the year after will probably be one of the power houses of the WHL. They have 3 of the best 16 year olds I have seen in the league (next to Point in Moose Jaw) With Duke, Wong, and Pilon.
  For the Hurricanes both goals looked awesome first goal Axle Bloomqvist the 17 year old Swede listed at 6'5 but appears 7'5 recieved an amazing spin pass from Reid Duke. And the second goal was a nice slot shot from Tyler Wong his first career WHL goal. Duke and Wong (Sounds like a British Chinese Restaurant) looked awesome out there. I was shocked to see on the stats sheet that they didn't have more points this season the way they were playing.
  As for fights Padakin attempted to fight Macoy Erkamps. He is Russian what do you expect. Erkamps shit canned him. Then Harrison Harper laid a knee and Kenton Helgesen went after him and they had an even toe to toe match.
   Next up for the Hitmen are the Tigers who are on a 5 game losing streak. Hopefully the Hitmen can get a little redemption after their last meeting getting shit kicked 10-1 by the Shinkaruk-Valk show.

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