Saturday 24 November 2012

Hitmen Cruise By The Tigers

 No Shinkaruk and no Valk for the Tigers last night in Calgary. The Hitmen actually decided to show up last night too. Beating the Tigers 4-1. It would of been a lot nicer to match the embarrassment that the Tigers handed to them last time. Oh not the Tigers I meant Shinkaruk and Valk. The 2 of them combined for 5 points a piece last time in a 10-1 shit kicking.
  Victor Rask opened up the scoring for the Hitmen and is finally starting to look like a player that was just sent down from an AHL team not a midget call up player like he did in the first couple games when he came back. He had a great night all around.
  Then in the second period Cody Sylvester got a beautiful shorthanded goal upper glove side and then a power play goal to make the score 3-0. Then 2 minutes later Pavol Padakin made that Yugoslavian (goalie or where ever he is from) Linkhammer (or whatever) look stupid by scoring an effortless beauty. That was the last we seen of Lankhummer for the night as he went to the bench.
  Pearce scored for Medicine Hat on the PP to make it 4-1 which the game ended. As for fights Spencer Humphries took on Jacob Doty . Have to hand it to Humphries for taking on a guy Doty's size. Doty though looks like he may of taken the short bus to school and I thought Humphries would of done a little better. Doty gets the win but Humphries did alright.
  Also in the game Darian Henry took a hard shot to which appeared to be his neck and had to leave the game. They showed it on replay and it looks like it could be bad. Hope he is alright. I want to see him take on Doty next time they play the Tigers.

  Then there was some drunk guy in the stands wearing a Tigers jersey with the old goalie Bunz name bar on the back. It appeared as if he was going to fight the mascot Farley at one point in the game. I would imagine 75% of people attending Hitmen games at one point or another have contemplated punching that mascot a time or two. But the problem is what if it is a woman or a mentally challenged person.
  3 stars Sylvester (3 points), Rask (1 goal, 1 assist), Driedger (24 saves).
Next game against Saskatoon Nov 30th.

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