Saturday 27 October 2012

Medicine Hat Slaughters the Hitmen.

What a way to spend a friday night at the dome. Getting your asses handed to you on home turf when you are in first place in the Eastern Conference OUCH. It was quite comical actually being my first Hitman game since moving to Calgary last month. I am almost considering saving the 20 bucks for a ticket and donating it for hockey school for some of the Hitmen players. I know just as everyone else that bad games happen but this game was beyond bad. It was flat out pathetic.
  The Tigers OWNED the Hitmen in every aspect of the game. The score could of been alot worse. Chris Driedger was pulled after the 3rd goal it didn't matter much who was in net The Tigers still managed to score on almost a third of their shots all game. On the other end Cam Lanigan of the Tigers didn't even have to play well all the shots he faced were right at him or missed the net. The only goal he let in was a Cody Sylvester wrap around which was a weak goal but you can't blame Lanigan for letting it in I am amazed he was able to stay awake for the whole game. He only seen 5 shots in the second and a genorous 8 in the third.
  As for the tigers Curtis Valk was by far the best player on the ice. He notched four goals and was playing mostly on a line with Hunter Shinkaruk and recently aquired Elgin Pearce. Pearce is having a great year averaging over a point a game. It is too bad he couldn't stick around with Kootenay but when numbers came down to it it was pretty obvious he was the one that had to go and the Tigers are lucky they got him.
  Another player on the Tigers that I thought was great was #20 Boston Leier. The 19 year old Saskatoon native got the games first goal and wasn't shy to rough it up. He got 5 for fighting but it was more of a hugging competition with Pavlo Padikin (European enough said). #14 Miles Koules is another player I thought looked great too.
  For the Hitmen ummmmmm errrrrrrrr wellllllll I am hoping and praying it was an off night. They all looked terrible. The only player who was remotely entertaining to watch was newly aquired Brendan Hurley. I don't say that as a Kootenay Ice homer. He actually looked really good out there. Made some big hits but then did some stupid moves and got some dumb penalties. But its not like its costing you the game when your getting whalloped as bad as they were.
  Final score 10-1 Tigers.
  Besides what happened on the Ice. $23 a ticket in the lower bowl. And $18 in the upper. Expensive but eh its worth it. The one thing with games at the dome is even though there was almost 8,000 people there it seems like less which is a given as the place holds over 19,000. Also why in gods name to they have fat old guys come out to shovel the ice away from the crease? Isn't it suppose to be good looking young girls wearing nice outfits to do that? I mean come on no one wants to see some fat 50 year old man huffing and puffing while there is a stopage in play. Also I can't point or make assumptions but I think Falrey the hound had a few Ryes before the game that or he is naturally high on life. The guys a nut job he almost fell twice and either he can't see out of that costume or he is a closet Tigers fan. I seen him jump up and cheer when the Tigers scored.
  Also those gray Hitmen jerseys have to go. The original Hitmen jerseys look great. The ones they wore last night look terrible. Which also brings me to another topic I wanted to bring up and may as well in this thread to finish it off as there isn't too much positive to say about the Hitmen's play last night.
  We all know breast cancer is a horrible evil disease. And I along with 99.9999% of the population want to do as much as possible to support and help fight the disease. But pink jerseys at games? An arm band or a pin or a banner in the rink. I was watching part of that Q game with the Armada and Moncton and the Armada had on pure pink jerseys. If this was an exhibition game or a no hitting game I could see that. But could you honestly hit a guy into the boards that was wearing pink? Could you take a guy serious if he asked you to fight at centre ice when he was wearing pink? Just my 2 cents on the matter.
  Anyway Hitmen are in Red Deer tonight and then back at the dome Sunday to take on Kelowna

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