Saturday 1 December 2012

Blades Beat Hitmen


   I have read so much stuff on the internet about how the Blades suck shit and are a horrible team. But look at the roster. There are a lot of great players or appear to be on paper. The Blades had really high expectations coming into the season being a Memorial Cup host team. There has even been talk about not letting the Blades participate in the Memorial Cup if their record continues to be as horrible as it has been. After watching them beat Calgary last night 4-0 there is a whack load of great things to say about this team and only one visible downfall that I along with the people sitting around me noticed.
  Goaltender Andre Makarov was fantastic. Its not like the shut out was just handed to him on a silver platter he made great saves. Forwards Stransky, Nicholls, and McColgan were dominate and very entertaining to watch every shift they were out there. 16 year old forward Matt Revel was amazing and is looking like a potential 1st round pick in 2014. Pretty amazing the kid was passed up in the 2011 bantam draft and acquired by the Blades as a list player. Dietz is also a better defencman than Siemens something I would of never thought which just goes to show never form opinions until you have actually watched teams play. Also never form opinions on from what you just see on paper ie stats. All in all the Blades look like a great team and there record doesn't show it. Rumours have circulated via the interweb and so called gossip which is a shit way to form an opinion.
  Being a Jets fan I was also a little disappointed in the play of Lukas Sutter. He could of had an off night just not something I would of expected from a second round pick but then again when I seen the Broncos Lowry play awhile back I thought the same thing.
   To the one thing that looked so visible to holding the Blades back and almost making the team look like a laughing stock. One minute small thing is captain Brendan Walker. Don't let the garbage goal and 2 assists (one on Revels first goal which almost looked like after the puck went in Walker made a point to go up to the ref to make sure he got the assist) fool you. This kid is horrible. I don't know if it was watching him in warm up take massive pee wee wind up slap shots at his goalie from inside the hash marks or the way the 2 year old shuffles his feet with one hand on the stick when he skates. What the hell is he doing out there? Most over rated over hyped player I have ever seen in sports period. He got a bunch of ice time he didn't deserve and I can not believe any sane person would pencil him into a WHL roster let alone let him wear a letter on his jersey. I have seen numerous players play where I shake my head at but this kid gave me neck cramps. Trade him a way for a few water bottles and the Blades will have no issues being memorial cup contenders.
  The Blades better do something this year because with a roster chalked full of 19 year olds the next few seasons may be a little rough minus the presence of Revel.
  The stars were Revel, Makarov, and McColgan and that was bang on in the order they should of been.

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