Thursday 8 November 2012

Hitmen Beat Warriors in a shootout

  Morgan Rielly is going to be an amazing NHL player someday. Too bad its for the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was dominant everytime that he touched the puck last night in the Warriors 2-1 shootout lose to the Hitmen.  The one thing that I can not understand for the life of me is the fact that he was getting a normal shift. The coach ran all 6 defenceman almost virtually equally. Now this in no way is a knock towards the other defenceman on the team they all looked like great players. but Rielly was easily in a class of his own. Albeit there could be a reason but a player like that should be out on the ice at least every second shift or when he is not tired. Rookie Brayden Point was also very entertaining to watch for the Warriors and at 16 he already has 15 points in 20 games.

  The game started out with a scoreless first period with the Hitmen only getting 2 shots and the Warriors not doing much better with only 6. But then in the second Carter Hansen opened up the scoring which basically was Rielly walking around a bunch of Hitmen players like they were pee wees and then using Hansens stick to deflect the puck into the net. Then what seemed like seconds later Brendan Hurley replied for Calgary roofing it upstairs past Paulic with everyone in the building at first except for Hurley and the ref realizing it was in. Hurley was also solid laying the body and creating chances every shift he had. Along with Macek those were the 2 best looking players for the Hitmen.

The Hitmen also missed on 2 open nets which could of got of got Kornelson his first of the year. Like he had the whole net and then seconds later Sylvester had the same scenerio and fanned.

  The game was fairly physical with 3 fights. First fight was heavyweigths Helgeson and Edmundson which it looked like Edmundson got the better of Helgeson but then when you seen Edmundsons face he was the one gushing and Helgeson looked as if he just put on make up. Elliot Petersen and Warriors Braiden Doucett also had a quick little tussel. The one fight which alot of people were talking about after the game was when Darian Henry wanted to fight Morgan Rielly and Rielly wanted nothing to do with it and it looked as Rielly signaled with his stick for Travis Brown to Fight Henry and the 2 fought. When Henry seen Brown dropped his gloves he didn't look as eager. But he ended up doing alright against the big d man Brown.

Final shots were 28-19 Warriors. Macek and Chase scored in the shootout for Calgary.

Next home game is Friday against Victoria.

  On another note before the game I seen 2 elderly people in Warriors jerseys getting harrased at the train station by these guys that just reeked like listerine or mouth wash. I walked up and the guys stopped pestering them and I walked to the game down the corridor with them. I asked them if they were from Moose Jaw (they said yes, I wasn't sure even with the Warriors jerseys on they could have a grandkid on the team after all there 6 Warriors from the region) I said crazy in the big city. And they replied Moose Jaw isn't much better. Now I haven't been to Moose Jaw in almost 10 years and I remember it as a safe great city. Has it changed or are these people just paranoid?

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